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Data Centre - Melbourne

28 Thornton Crescent, Mitcham VIC




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Provide comfort to Australia's leading enterprise clients in the form of business continuity and disaster recovery.

Create robust and reliable infrastructure to accommodate the highest level of sensitive data. 


Image Property Developments


State of the art N+1 data centres outside of the CBD Radius of risk with Business Continuity services for the most demanding disasters. 

Enterprise Data Corporation (EDC) is a wholly Australian-owned company founded in 1987.  Main focus to be one of the leading providers of data centres, business continuity and disaster recovery services.  


Our success is largely due to our ability to give our clients the benefit of Choice, Control, Capacity, Capability, and Compliance.


We continue to understand and respond to our customers’ needs as well as our ongoing commitment to invest millions of dollars into Data Centres and SaaS.


With our strategic business partners we are able to build world-class next-generation data centres designed to meet the demands of high density server technologies.  The supporting infrastructure is leveraged with facilities management services to deliver the most cost-effective solutions for some of Australia’s leading blue-chip companies from the financial, telecommunication, manufacturing and public sectors.

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